2022 Women in Language Speakers

This year, we're bringing you another line-up of fresh voices and expert speakers with diverse backgrounds: polyglots, industry veterans, world travelers, teaching experts, academic professors, and innovators.

The full list of speakers is:

  • Lauren Gawne, sharing her research on emoji as gestures in online communication ⭐️
  • Jessica Kumar, presenting a perspective on privilege in linguistics
  • Errol de Jesús, discussing multilingual parenting and special needs children
  • Irene Cangi, helping you get un-stuck in the higher language levels of Italian
  • Mel Turner, talking about Swiss German and why dialects matter
  • Heidi Lovejoy bringing her experiences of mastering perfectionism
  • Archana Parmar with a lesson on becoming assertive (so many people need this!)
  • Agnieszka Murdoch taking a deep dive into language attrition - can you forget your native language?
  • Rebeca Imberg (en español!) talking about receptive bilinguals
  • Anita Sachariah presenting a real life view of Heritage languages
  • Lauren Williams introducing AAC - what is it, why do you need it? She has the answers!
  • Dream Team Mariana Favila-Alcala and Belen Nuñez sharing how they created and contributed to feminist community in Latin America through podcasting
  • Sara Holmes on how you - yes YOU! - can teach your baby American sign language
  • Abigail Fulbrook on parsnips - not the vegetable, but taboos in the language classroom
  • Karla Zuluaga sharing the role you can play in language revitalisation
  • Martina Gerdts sharing how she implements trans-inclusive language in her language learning
  • Marjolein Benschop with the best tips on learning when you're multipassionate
  • Dream Team Games! Vickie Kelty and Laia Moret on why games aren't just for kids anymore
  • Emma Archard presenting on risk-taking and how to inspire future language learners
  • And Paulette Jendre sharing a story of trauma-informed language learning and teaching